Lost a Pet

Lost a Pet

Act Quickly

Sometimes a pet’s instinct to wander can take over. In the event of a pet getting loose or going missing, there are some important things to consider. Here is a list of steps you can take when searching for a lost pet.

  1. Contact your local humane society or animal services provider and fill out a lost pet report (fill out your online lost pet report now - see buttons below). If someone has already brought a stray pet into the shelter, they may be able to identify your animal right away.
  2. Ask your friends and family to help you search the neighbourhood. Chances are your pet has not ventured far. The majority of lost pets are found within 1 kilometre of their home. Try searching in sheds, garages, bushes, and under decks as a scared pet may want to hide in one of these places.
  3. Post on social media. There are many local Facebook pages within the community. Posting a photo or description of your pet on one of these pages will help spread the word and alert community members to keep an eye out for your lost pet
  4. Call your veterinarian and inform them of what’s happened. Your pet’s rabies number can be tracked back to your vet.
  5. Put up “lost pet” posters in your community. This is especially helpful if you include a photo of your pet.

Browse our lost pets here: https://kwsphumane.ca/found-pets

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