We can't wait to introduce you to your new best friend!

Thank you for choosing to adopt! Adoption positively impacts the lives of both our pets and adopters, and it’s an incredible journey that we can’t wait to start with you. Please know that we’re not only here to introduce you to your new best friend, but to support you in the adoption process and transition home.

About Adopting:

This page outlines many of the important items you need to consider when adopting. We encourage you to read through everything, and of course, contact us if you have any questions prior to starting the adoption process.

Please note: Adoptions are by appointment, however we do our best to facilitate walk-ins where possible. 

How to reach our team:

Kitchener adoption team: 519-745-5615
Stratford adoption team: 519-273-6600

Our adoption fees take into consideration the value of adoption when all of a pet's routine medical costs are included. In most cases, the cost of adoption does not cover the costs that are incurred for an animal. We proudly fundraise to help offset the costs and to ensure that our animals get a second chance at life!

Vet Services Included in Our Adoption Fees Cat Dog
Veterinary Health Exam & Vaccines $183-$548
Spay / Neuter
Deworming $25 $25
Microchipping $115 $115
Total Value of Vet Services incl in HSKWSP Adoption Fees  $1049-$1574 $1290-$1742
HSKWSP Adoption Fees $325 $400
Savings By Adopting at HSKWSP



  • Medical: exam, spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, parasite treatment, microchip
  • Other: Optional pet insurance (varying offers, some up to 6 weeks trial insurance), $25 voucher to Ren's Pets (Kitchener Centre location only and while supplies last), adoption kit from Royal Canin (incl 2x sample bags dry food and 4 cans wet)
  • Food: 1x 2.5lb bag of Royal Canin Appetite Control Spayed/Neutered; 24x 85g cans Royal Canin Spayed Neutered Thin Slices in Gravy


  • Medical: exam, spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, parasite treatment, microchip
  • Other: Optional pet insurance (varying offers, some up to 6 weeks trial insurance), $25 voucher to Ren's Pets (Kitchener Centre location only and while supplies last), adoption kit from Royal Canin (incl 4x sample bags adult food)
  • Food: 1x bag of small, medium or large Royal Canin Dry Adult Food (13-18lbs)

Small Animals:

  • Medical: exam, spay/neuter surgery
  • Microchip
  • Other: $15 voucher to Ren's Pets (Kitchener Centre location only and while supplies last)
*Denotes average minimum costs. HSKWSP reserves the right to adopt specific
dog and cat breeds at a higher fee. 

The following is a list of the most common questions we receive. To assist our staff, we kindly ask that you reference our website before calling/emailing to get your answers quickly:

What should potential adopters consider before adopting a pet?
Pet ownership is a wonderful experience, but it also comes with a financial responsibility. To help you determine if pet ownership is something that you can financially manage at this time, check out these great resources from the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association on the cost of owning a dog and the cost of owning a cat.

How long does the adoption process take?
We ask that you have approximately 45 minutes for the counselling process. It can take longer if you need to do a meet-and-greet with your current pets. Then we have to complete the adoption agreement and paperwork. If the pet you are adopting is already spayed or neutered, they can go home the same day. We do allow for 24 hour holds in the event you need to get your home ready for your new furry friend. In some cases, the pet may not be ready to go home the same day of adoption, and our staff will be happy to outline when you can pick them up.We believe taking our time and answering all of your questions is a big part of ensuring the adoption process and transition into the home is a smooth one. 

What animals are available for adoption?
Available animals will appear on our website when they are ready for adoption, and will be removed from our site when they are adopted. See our catsdogs, and small animals

When can I apply for a pet?
As soon as an animal is available and on our website, applications are open.

How do I know an available animal's location (which animal centre they are available for adoption from)?
You will see the animals location beside their name: ie. Fluffy - Kitchener or Fido - Stratford.  We do not transfer animals, they must be adopted from the location they are posted.

I saw an animal on social media/in centre but I don't see them on your website, can I adopt them?
If you have seen an animal on our social media or in-house and they don't appear on this webpage, they are not available yet or have already been adopted.  

Can I submit an application for an unavailable animal now and you call me when they're up for adoption?
We are not able to accept applications for animals that are not seen on our website and at this time, will not be responding to applicants that submit an application for animals that are not ready for adoption.  We are not able to accept applications in order of submission, that are incomplete.

Can you tell me when a specific animal will be available for adoption?
We do not know when animals will be available in advance.  When they are ready, we will post on our website. 

What happens if I'm selected for a meet and greet?
If your application is selected to meet with an animal, please be prepared to come in to the centre and finalize the adoption within 24-48 hours. 

Why is that pet so shy meeting me, but so outgoing in foster care?
Please remember that animals are coming back from foster care to the centres for their meet and greets.  They will be experiencing a new environment and meeting new people, which means they may not exhibit the same behaviours they did in their foster videos or while in foster care.  

Will I get a copy of their medical history? Behaviour information?
Prior to going home with your new pet, we’ll review all health and behaviour information, including vaccines or obedience training recommendations.

Who has to be present for a meet and greet?
We recommend all family members, but do not require kids for cats and small animals. For dog adoptions: Every resident in the home (including dogs) must come in and meet the dog.

**Please note that our primary concern is the welfare of the pet. Some may have experienced emotional or physical trauma, so we do reserve the right to select the most appropriate home for each pet.

**Please note that age requirements are based off of the behaviour we see from the animal while in our centre and are set to ensure we are not setting the animal up for failure. Age restrictions are not a decision that we take lightly.

1) STEP 1: View our adoptable animals under the adopt tab.
You can view all of their information, bio and pictures there to determine who might be a match for you or your family.

2) STEP 2: See one you'd like to adopt?  Complete our adoption survey and adoption agreement now! 

  • Fill out the form online
  • Use your mouse, keypad, or touch screen to fill in your signature
  • Make sure to hit the submit button at the bottom of each document

Cat Adoption Forms:

Kitchener Waterloo Form  Stratford Perth Form

Dog Adoption Forms:

Kitchener Waterloo Form  Stratford Perth Form

Small Animal Adoption Forms:

Kitchener Waterloo Form  Stratford Perth Form 

*Please note we process applications in order of submission*

3) STEP 3: One of our adoption counsellors will then get in touch with you within 24 hours to arrange a phone interview.  Only those selected will be contacted for a phone interview.

4) STEP 4: If it looks to be a match, our adoption counsellors will arrange an appointment time for you to meet the pet. 

5) STEP 5: Complete your pre-arranged appointment.

6) STEP 6: If it's a match - you'll take your pet home with you that day!  Please come prepared to take your new family member home - collar and leash for dogs, carrier for cats (or you can opt for a cardboard carrier), or appropriate carrier for small animals.


  • Each appointment is a maximum of 60 minutes. 
  • Appointments will be booked 48 hours or more in advance, so we can arrange for the animals to be brought in by their foster parents.
  • We are not offering holds at this time - once you have met the pet, we are expecting adopters to be prepared to take the pet home the same day.

Following your meet-and-greet appointment, if you and your new friend appear to be a match, please be prepared to take your new family member home with you that day. 

Equipment needed to go home

Dogs – will require a collar and leash

Cats – will require a carrier.  We also sell cardboard carriers (one time use) here at the centre should you need one.

Small Animals – an appropriate carrier depending on species. 

Should you have any questions about suitable carriers, please don’t hesitate to ask our adoption staff!

A smooth transition into your new home

Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about transitioning your pet into their new home.  We also provide adopters with a comprehensive guide in your adoption kit to help answer many of the common questions new adopters have.