KWSPHS May 15th Update

 Hi Humane Society friends,

It was over 2 months ago when we were business as usual. Going into our centres, going out and about with friends and people were coming in regularly to look at all of the animals that we had up for adoption. Things changed drastically for us in mid-March when we had to scale back our non-essential public services including adoption. But over the last 3 weeks, the launch of online adoptions has been very well received.

Online adoptions definitely have their challenges. We have had hundreds of applications come in for adoptable pets that we have carefully gone through and reviewed to best match people and families with our animals. Our goal is to get all our animals into loving forever homes, so we take this process very seriously, and it does take some time.

After all the applications have been reviewed, we set up appointments for meet and greets. Normally these are easy to plan, but with COVID-19 we are using strong protocols to make sure that everyone is safe during these meetings. Even with all the challenges, since April 27th, we have had 31 adoptions and many pending as we speak.

Do you remember our 10 puppies? I’m sure you saw them on Facebook or Instagram. They were all up for adoption this past Monday and we were bombarded with applications. We were so happy to see that there are so many homes for our animals in our communities. It didn’t take long for all of the puppies to be adopted, less than 2 hours! For those who didn’t get a chance to adopt one of the puppies, we continue to have animals come to us during this crisis and we still have over 60 animals in foster care right now.

Not all the animals in foster care will be posted for adoption though. We like to call these ‘foster fails’. I thought I would share with you one of our more recent foster fails. Chris and Joe were still getting used to not having a dog in early 2020 after losing their English Bull Terrier, Casa. Joe has volunteered with the humane society for a long time and first met Boone (formerly Boom). Joe had walked Boone several times and they immediately connected. Joe could not understand why Boone hadn’t been adopted after a few weeks. All of a sudden COVID-19 hits and when Chris and Joe heard that adoptable pets were going into foster homes, they knew they wanted to foster Boone.

It started as any normal foster situation. Boone was excited to be in a home and aside from a few accidents, he quickly figured out the routine and settled right in. Boone started out sleeping in a crate, lasting only one night, sleeping on the bed from night two onward. As the family took Boone on his two walks a day, along with his play sessions and the occasional sock theft, they started to get closer and closer. Boone continued to show Chris and Joe just how great of a dog he is. After getting muddy in the backyard, loving bath time and his general friendly and excited attitude, the decision to adopt Boone was easy. The paperwork was official on May 1st, 2020 and that will be his ‘gotcha date’ for the rest of his days. Congrats to Boone, Chris and Joe. Classic foster fail.

We will continue to offer our online adoptions as we do now until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. We know that some of these changes may happen fast after they are announced but we want you to know that we will be making sure that the health and safety of our team and animals in our centre are first and foremost and as a result our returning to the "new normal" may take some time. We continue to develop plans and implement changes to ensure the safety of all, and it may take us some extra time to open back up after restrictions are lifted. We know it will be worth the wait and we hope you won’t mind waiting a little bit longer to join us back in the centre.

While we continue to have animals in foster care, we are still in need of supplies for these foster families to provide appropriate care. Items like Kitten Replacement Milk, dried liver treats, small animal enrichment toys and many more are still needed to make sure that the animals are healthy and happy and ready to be adopted. If you are interested in helping us care for our animals in foster care, please check out our wish list or visit our website to donate.

Thank you for all of your support and stay healthy.

Linzi Bahat
Adoption Counsellor