A fulfilling career with the Humane Society

Highlights from Gary Boes

A young outdoorsman 

From a very young age, Gary knew that he was destined to work outdoors. As a child, he spent a lot of time fishing off a boat with his father. In high school, he told his guidance counsellor year after year that he was going to be a Park Ranger.

Working in the wild West

After graduating from Sir Sanford Fleming College, Gary briefly worked at the Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society before moving out West to pursue his passion for the great outdoors. Making his way across some of the well-known national parks, like Banff, Jasper and Pacific Rim, Gary worked as a Park Warden and a Wildlife Control Officer. He even had his own cougar dog!

Coming home

In 1993, Gary returned to Ontario and was re-hired by the Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society, where he’s been ever since. First serving as an OSPCA Cruelty Officer, then being promoted to an OSPCA Cruelty Inspector two years later – a role that Gary credits with making the biggest impact in his career.

Community impact 

The title Cruelty Inspector may scare some people off, but Gary was able to use his authority to build a strong relationship in the Mennonite Community and was successful in improving their farm animal practices.

In Wellesley Township, Gary worked with the City Counsellors to roll out a kennel by-law that significantly improved the well-being of kennel dogs and was soon adopted by townships all around the Region.

Noah’s ark of animals

Gary has seen it all. In his own words he has experienced “a Noah’s Ark of animals.” His original territory spanned from Cambridge to Mount Forest and from Orangeville to Wingham. His animal encounters included many exotic animals like snakes, camels and even lions as well as lots of wildlife. He’s also seen first-hand more than his fair share of animal abuse, more than he wants to remember. However, despite it all Gary remains optimistic “There are more good [people] out there than bad.”

Ending on a good note 

After the changes with the OSPCA in 2018, Gary became an Animal Control Officer, a role that he finds a lot less stressful compared to what he was doing before. 

Plans for retirement

On August 21st, Gary will officially retire. So, what’s next for Gary? He’s not sure, but it will definitely involve spending time outdoors. He might go fishing or continue building his already extensive fossil collection, which already includes over 10,000 specimens!

Advice for the next generation

When asked about his advice to the next generation, Gary said “Follow your passions.”

Thank you

On behalf of everyone at the Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth Humane Society I want to thank Gary for his many years of service and wish him all the best in his next adventure in the great outdoors.

By: Anya Barradas, Communications and Marketing Manager