September 18th
Community comes together to rescue a cat

Earlier this week, Reiley, our Animal Control Officer, Ground Search and Rescue and Aloft Arborist Services assisted with a cat rescue in Kitchener. It was truly a team effort!

The Humane Society often partners with local rescue groups in a joint effort to help animals in distress and this time was no different. “Kat [from Ground Search and Rescue] helps us out a lot, so I like to help her out when I can.” said Reiley when asked about the rescue.

Although Reiley was not able to climb the tree himself, due to working at heights restrictions, he was waiting at the bottom to assess the cat or in case the cat jumped at the last second. Fortunately for the cat, Andrew and Jake from Aloft Arborist Services volunteered their time to climb the 30+ foot tree for this rescue. After climbing the tree, one of the arborists spent some time working with the cat to make it more comfortable. Then he gently placed it in a bag and climbed back down.

On the ground, Reiley transferred the cat into a crate to be assessed. “The cat seemed healthy and not in distress. We checked for a chip and found that this was a feral cat that was registered to the neighbour as part of our Trap-Neuter-Release program.” said Reiley.

After hearing the cat meowing for the past three days, Alison, the home owner who originally called us about the cat in the tree was relieved. The rescued feral cat was released back into the wild and hopefully learned his lesson about climbing tall trees.

Click here to watch the rescue video from Ground Search and Rescue. 

By: Anya Barradas, Manager, Marketing and Communications