October 16th
Feral cats

Happy RVT month and a very happy Feral Cat Day from me, Marissa! I’m one of the RVTs at the KWSP Humane Society. Feral cats are brought in to our Humane Society on a regular basis. These cats’ needs differ from the friendly and socialized kittens we place out for adoption.

Feral Cat fe-ral cat /noun/ A domestic cat that is unowned and lives outdoors. A feral cat will avoid human contact by running away or staying hidden from humans and will not allow itself to be touched or handled. These cats typically have not received any socialization since kitten-hood and as a result have become fearful or aggressive with humans.
Ex."She hissed and bolted away as soon as I started approaching her. She's definitely a feral cat."

I’m sure I speak for all the staff at the Humane Society when I say we love all animals, even the spicy feral cats. We strongly believe that all animals deserve to be cared for in the most compassionate way possible, with 100% humane treatment. This does not exclude feral cats, not one bit.

Have you heard of our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) program? This program is typically run once a week with the sole purpose to reduce the feline population and sterilize feral cats or cats that live in an outdoor colony that would much prefer to stay outdoors, rather than in someone’s home as a pet. These cats are usually brought in to us in a humane trap and will often need to be handled with extra PPE to avoid injuries. I personally LOVE this program and feel like it makes a tremendous amount of impact. Any day that I can help an animal in need is a good day indeed! For more information on the TNR program go to kwsphumane.ca/services/trap-neuter-return or contact our Centres today!

By:Marissa Crocker, Registered Veterinary Technician at HSKWSP