October 30th
Is your cat spayed/neutered?

Hi there.

It’s pretty crowded in this cardboard box. My brothers and sisters have been meowing in the backseat of our owner’s car for hours. We’ve been calling for our mom to feed us, but she’s not here. All morning our owner has been making frequent stops to talk to friends and family in hopes of getting us adopted. No luck so far.

I guess you probably already figured out that my siblings and I are an unwanted litter of kittens. We were quite a surprise to our owner! She thought that since our mom was mainly an indoor cat, there was no way that she could get pregnant. Well, she was wrong!

At around 4 months of age, when a cat reaches sexual maturity, their urge to reproduce often lures them outside in search of a mate. That’s what happened to our mom. And since a cat’s pregnancy only lasts 9 weeks, our mom was quite far along by the time our owner realized she was pregnant.

I know that some people may say that it’s unnatural to spay or neuter a cat. I might agree, since I wouldn’t be here if our mom was spayed. But honestly, being stuffed into a box, while our owner tries to find us a home doesn’t feel that good either. I know I wouldn’t want that for my kittens!

Since I’m a girl, there are advantages to having me spayed. It will help lower my chances of getting mammary cancer and completely eliminate the risk of cancer in my reproductive organs. 

Getting neutered will help keep my brothers out of trouble. Male cats often get into fights over territory, resulting in my brothers getting hurt. Neutering will also prevent my brothers from bad behaviour like urine spraying and roaming.

We have arrived at our final destination. After exhausting all other options, our owner brought us to our local humane society. Wow, there are so many other kittens, just like us here! I hope they’ll be able to find us a home soon.

Well, time for me to go.

Oh wait. Just one more thing. Did you know that a pair of cats and their off springs can produce up to 400,000 kittens in their lifetime? That’s a lot of kittens to place for adoption!

Did you know that the Humane Society of Stratford Perth offers low-cost spay/neuter services for cats?

Cats can be spayed or neutered as early as eight weeks of age.

The cost of a spay is $110 and the cost of a neuter is $95.

The spay/neuter clinic is now open and accepting applications.