November 13th
Debbie's Foster Story

"My path to fostering began in 2014 with three bottle babies. My neighbour fostered, and I knew I would love doing that too. Fostering bottle babies, involves teaching tiny little kittens to feed from a bottle, nurturing them until they are ready for adoption. Eventually, my fosters were adopted and I stopped fostering due to my job responsibilities.  I didn’t foster for a long time.

I recently started fostering again this year. My path to fostering was very different from my first. 

In 2017 my husband was diagnosed with cancer. He endured many cancer treatments, a liver transplant and a recurrence of cancer. His team of doctors tried every treatment available to save him. Unfortunately, his diagnosis from all his doctors was dire, he was dying. All that could be done had been done, there was no cure. I was his caregiver through this horrific experience. 

Before he passed away, he worried about how I would be after he was gone, in his words he " wouldn’t be here to help me" and it concerned him greatly. He was a very thoughtful, selfless man. He had a list of things that I loved to do and wanted me to start doing them again. One of those things was fostering kittens. On a cold November night in 2019 my husband lost his battle with cancer. 

So, after months and months of grieving, my story of fostering begins again for me. It is commonly said that foster parent volunteers help save the animals they care for. In my case it is a mutual sharing of loss and the unfortunate situation both myself and my fosters found ourselves.  With patience, and love my fosters and myself are thriving. “I didn’t save you, you saved me” 

My most recent fosters were described as six spicy kittens. If any of you don’t know what that means, well, they were almost feral. Small tiny creatures, scratching, hissing and growling like rolling thunder.  Frightened of everything but each other. I knew this would be a task. But with a lot of work, they soon began to trust me. They demonstrated their individual unique wonderful personalities. 

Unlike the cowering little ones they were when I picked them up, they were happy, playing, eating and sleeping and cuddling. Interacting with my two dogs and my adult cat. They filled my house with life, laughter, the sound of little paws galloping across the floor, cute antics and their joy of life made me laugh out loud. 

Each one of them have been so memorable to me. I hope to foster again soon. Opening my home to fosters has only served to make my life abundant with hopefulness for the future."

- Debbie I.


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