December 15th
Lisa's Foster Story

Foster care is a crucial step to getting animals prepared for their forever homes, and this year we needed them more than ever!
Meet Lisa, one of our foster care volunteers as she answers some questions about her journey as a foster parent.

How long have you been a foster volunteer?

I signed up 1.5 years ago but only had one foster until they started coming in consistently 10 months ago.

Why did you become a foster volunteer?

I wanted cats in the house who were friendlier and cuddlier than my cats, haha!

What surprised you (or what did you learn) since becoming a foster volunteer?

It's always hard to say goodbye but it does get easier!
It's fun writing from the cat's perspective for their About Me page on the website (and gives me an even better reason to take cat portraits all day long!).

What was the most memorable animal you’ve fostered? Share your favourite stories with us!

They're all really memorable.
Mewlan was our first foster and I made the mistake of letting her sleep in our bed on her last night (she curled in my arm where my stuffed animal usually goes😍) and I cried so much when I brought her in for her adoption appointment.
Hannah actually made friends with one of our cats and I even caught them sleeping together!
Bolin, Korra, and Asami got into lots of kitten mischief (better close that vent before the kittens find it -- too late, that's Korra mewing from inside! Fish her out!).
Bug had the cutest big eyes and was such a snugglebug.
Pawlina was the pickiest eater for a 20lb cat!
I said goodbye to Pumpkin so many times but she kept coming back because of little health issues.
Mocha had the coolest marbling pattern that looked like a Rorschach/inkblot test (I would have named her Roar-chat, lol!).
Mattias was the best lapcat!

What do you get out of the foster program? What does it add to your life?

I get all the fun of having kittens all the time!
I get to meet so many different cat personalities and learn so much more about them.
It adds a heaping dose of dopamine to my life. Not only do I get the feel-good hormones watching them play and sleep and be adorable, but also knowing I'm helping them in a vital transition period before they find their forever homes.

We are encouraging everyone to extend their hands and homes to helping animals in need through our foster program!
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