December 19th
Anisa's Foster Story

Did you know fostering is something that can be done as a family? It's a great way to bond with your family and help an animal during such a crucial point in their life! 
Meet Anisa, one of our foster care volunteers as she answers some questions about her journey as a foster parent.

How long have you been a foster volunteer?

I have been a foster volunteer for 4 years!

Why did you become a foster volunteer?

My whole family loves animals. We have 2 cats and a dog as family pets. It’s fun to have foster kittens. We all love playing with them and feel so happy when they grow into healthy well socialized kittens that can be adopted.

What surprised you (or what did you learn) since becoming a foster volunteer?

I was honestly surprised at how helpless and small the youngest kittens are. Those cat mammas work hard to look after their litter!

What was the most memorable animal you’ve fostered? Share your favourite stories with us!

Our most memorable kitten was one we named Parcour because she would climb to the top of anything and everything. My family of 5 have all had our own favourite kittens we have bonded with.

What do you get out of the foster program? What does it add to your life?

Caring for animals has taught my kids responsibility and has given us lots of fun and joy and laughs. I have found it satisfying to look after young animals that need love to get their life started and see them thrive.

We are encouraging everyone to extend their hands and homes to helping animals in need through our foster program!
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