HAPPY TAIL: Doug is living the GOOD LIFE!

After a few months of waiting at our Stratford Perth animal centre, Doug found his forever family!  Our friendly, goofy, large boy got his fairy tale ending and found the best dad he could ask for.  We had happy tears reading this one (ok, ok....let's be honest....we have happy tears for them all!).  Doug's dad sent us the most incredible update and we just had to share.  Check it out!


Hello Dannielle, Carol, and the other amazing people who care for these special non-human persons!

I considered bringing Doug back to visit you this weekend, as I know how much he has won your hearts and how much he felt your love and care!  However, I do not ever want him thinking that he is being dropped off or left again, so perhaps not yet. 

That being said, I want to share some pics of this very special man!  We bonded very quickly, as this pic form our first evening together suggests.  But first, the car ride!  New harness and seatbelt attached, he whimpered some, ended up putting his head on my shoulder as I had my arm around his not-so-wee head! 


We went for a nice walk in his new territory. So many fascinating and interesting smells and places to explore! Then to our new home together!  

He wasn’t interested in his food, though a few treats and water were acceptable!  

And then a rest on the couch...

As you can see, he settled in quite nicely and fell asleep warming my heart!

I have taken him to work with me, and he has been a loving guy!   (Snuck him into my office a couple of times, and one of the nurses and the dietician who work the community diabetes program, couldn’t wait to meet him and stayed with him whil I gave a talk to a new Moms’ group.  I almost lost my face to Doug’s eager licking when I returned to the office!

The first night was a little rough - not knowing if this was his place or
What to do.  However, he quickly took over the bed leaving me with an edge (how thoughtful!?!) and loving every moment!

Yesterday was a long day for both of us.  After a nice long walk by the river, we had some treats and then I stretched out on the couch.  Doug was on the floor beside me (if I leave the room he follows, still learning that this is his place and I am
his human to the end). Then he crawled up by my feet, stretched out, pushed into me and promptly fell asleep.

Is there anything better??  (Look at that happy tongue!!  Absolutely adorable!)

It was clear when I met the amazing people at the Stratford shelter that our hearts were coming from a similar place!   I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the incredibly difficult work you do - not with the furry persons, but dealing with the human persons.  So, thank you for your care and love for Doug!  And thank you for allowing me to meet him last Sunday afternoon when I showed up...  it feels that we have chosen one another, and he is as much a gift to me as I am to him!

Please feel free to share this with any walkers and staff who cared for and loved Doug, so they know he is being loved!!

Thank you again, 


And we got another update the other day! :)

"He is the most amazing boy!  In fact, I went to get my hair cut this morning, and the owner of the shop told me to bring him in.  He came in, sniffed around a bit, and then laid at my feet as I moved from station to station.  As more people came in, he simply stayed beside me - with the exception of two employees who gave him so much loving and told him how handsome he is (like, obviously!!).  

Thank you, again, for all that you do!

Warm regards from Doug and his new Daddy!"