KWSPHS Update from Dr. Laurel Gale, DVM

 To our supporters and animal lovers,

First and foremost, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support as we navigate our way through this COVID-19 crisis. Know that without your support, myself and the team here at the humane society would not be able to help as many animals as we do, particularly those who need us for temporary shelter at this time.

With the constant changes that are occurring, we too have been forced to be make adjustments as to how we provide services to the animals in our care and our community.

I’m happy to provide an update on the changes that have occurred this past week.

Following the announcement made by Premier Doug Ford on Monday, the humane society closed the centres effective March 25th. As mandated by the government, we are now providing essential services only for the next 14 days including animal control emergency services, lost and found reporting, emergency stray and surrender services, stray reclaim, cremations and emergency boarding. These services require the public to contact us in advance of visiting the centres. We are also continuing with essential care and veterinary services for our animals, but unfortunately our adoptions have been suspended until further notice.

With the closing of adoptions, but the demand for our services likely to increase, we are still faced with a potential over-capacity situation. To prepare, we have moved animals into foster care and have recruited new homes. We also continue to screen new foster applicants in the event we need them. 

Our in-house animal hospitals are facing our own host of challenges. We have sadly had to suspend public veterinary services to help reduce person-to-person interactions, and  we are now faced with supply issues. We are experiencing shortages of medical supplies and personal protective equipment that we use every day to perform our routine surgeries. As a result, we have been forced to suspend most of our elective surgeries including some spay/neuters, to help us preserve our supplies for emergencies. Depending on how long this situation lasts for, it could mean that we will be forced to place animals into foster care or forever homes without their spay/neuter, and have them return at a later date to perform the procedure. Despite all of this, myself and the medical team here continue to provide the best veterinary care possible during this challenging time.

Our team is definitely feeling the challenges of this pandemic, both personally and professionally. The support and kind words you’ve sent us over the past week have been truly impactful for all of us here. We know that you are behind our cause and our animals, and it truly keeps us going.   

 On behalf of myself and the entire KWSPHS team, thank you for playing a role in the lives of homeless animals in our community. Should you wish to make a donation during this critical time, we would be so grateful. We truly need you now more than ever. Please visit our "How To Help" section on our website to either DONATE or purchase items off of our WISHLIST. Together, we can ensure that the animals in our community have the support they need.

Most sincerely,
Dr. Laurel Gale, DVM
Veterinary Director