Foster Testimonial from Foster Mom Gillian

We have been fostering for the last 4 years, and have welcomed 30 kittens into our home! Each one unique and special! Our two cats and our dog have had no issue with them, but we find it very easy to keep the kittens separately as they need very little space!

Our main job is to keep them safe, warm and fed, and them to shower them with love! Socializing is almost the most important, and that is easily done by simply holding them, playing with them and letting them cuddle up when they are ready for a nap.

Kittens learn litter training very naturally, and if you foster kittens over 4 weeks old, they eat on their own with ease.
If you have a spare room or bathroom where they can hang out, that is about all the space you need.

Fostering has been an amazing experience for our son and our staff as we bring the kittens to the office most days.
While we love to take in the orphaned 1 or 2 day old babies who need bottle feeding etc, you can always choose which kittens that are already self sufficient and just want to play and sleep! You always get to choose the best fit for your life and household.

The staff at KWSPHS are incredibly helpful and supportive, and our FB group for foster families is a great resource!
So give it a try! You will truly be saving a life, and making yours better at the same time!

The photos here are of a little fella named Oscar who came to us at just 24 hours old, and stayed with us until he was adopted at 8 weeks old. Oscar came to client meetings, hockey games, school, the office and the grocery store, and melted hearts wherever he went!  

~ Gillian