A Letter of Thanks: Volunteer Appreciation Week

We are so appreciative of our volunteers and all they do for our animals. Typically our departments take turns baking delicious treats each day to show our thanks. Since we are social distancing this year, some of our staff have prepared thank you's to share! Stay tuned this week as we give thanks to our dedicated volunteer team. We couldn't help as many animals as we do without you!  We're kicking the week off with a letter of thanks and video from our volunteer coordinator, Stacy. Here's what she had to say...

To all our wonderful volunteers,

            It has been an absolute honour to join the team here at The Humane. Every day I have been inspired by your dedication, commitment, care and love for the animals that you work with. Your passion and focus for each of our animals can be seen in their behaviour, the wellness and their playfulness while in Care.

To our Animal Care Volunteers thank you for taking such good care of our animals. Thank you each for going above and beyond to make sure our animals are in a safe, clean and welcoming environment. Your focus on their health and happiness comes through everyday as we see our animals enjoying their temporary homes. Our cats curled up in personalized condos, our dogs enjoying that extra toy chosen specifically for them or the bunny enjoying one of the many hiding spots you chose for them.

To our Canine Companion Volunteers thank you for the time, dedication and care you give to the dogs in our Centres. We can see just how much of an impact you have on each of them when you go to their kennel doors, leash in hand, ready to take them on a fun walk outside. Seeing the impact that you have just sitting in the hallway outside a shy dog’s kennel and watching that dog grow ever more confident is such a great experience.

To our Veterinary Clinic Volunteers thank you for being with our animals during their time in the clinic. For making sure everything is ready for our Vet Clinic staff so they can provide much needed care for each animal. Thank you for watching our animals making sure they are recovering well from their procedures. Your role is so important and so integral to the health and wellness of the animals in our care at our Centres! Thank you for being there for them!

To our Play Therapy Volunteers thank you for taking time to get to know each of the cats and small animals in our care and giving them the love, attention and playtime they need to be healthy and happy while in our care. It is so wonderful to see each of you giving personalized time and understanding that sometimes its playing with a ball on a string and other times its just sitting in the condo giving lots of pets and being there with them.

To our TLC Volunteers thank you for dedicating your time to the cats in our care that need just a little bit more care and attention. Thank you for taking the time to learn what each cat is working on and being there with them as they work their own journey on the way to adoption. It is such an important role. We may see you sitting outside a condo of a nervous cat, you may not see them as they are still hiding, but you just being there, talking with them can make such an enormous difference. Thank you for being there with them!

To our Adoption Cat Counselor Volunteers thank you for helping the cats in our care find the perfect fur-ever home. Your attention to the needs, personality and care of each of our cats is admirable as it helps our cats find the perfect family match. Thank you for going above and beyond always ready to help and always focused on giving each of our cats’ extra attention, when you can on shift. Our cats are so lucky to have you there helping them find their homes!

To our Admin Volunteers thank you for helping us with so many different tasks that come up everyday at our Centres. Thank you for helping with providing such wonderful customer service to everyone that comes through the door. Thank you for all your support from paperwork to filing and preparing event documents to everything in between! Thank you for being there on the front lines helping our community.

To our Support Volunteers thank you for the critical work you do to make sure our Centres are clean and orderly for the animals in our care. Your attention to detail and focus on what is best for our animals comes through in everything that you do. Thank you for always being open to offering help and for taking your time to check in with staff to see if they need support. Your dedication to your role and the Centre does not go unnoticed. We appreciate everything that you do!

To our Foster Volunteers thank you for opening your doors to animals in need in our community. Your dedication to each of our animals is inspiring. From waking up countless times through the night to help with feedings to providing a safe place for them to recover from procedures and giving them the love and attention they need before they go off to their fur-ever homes. Thank you for being there for them!

To our Community and Events Volunteers thank you for always being open to helping at our many events, fundraisers and callouts. Our events would not be able to run as smoothly as they do without your help and dedication. Whether it is behind the scenes planning and prepping to being front in Centre answering questions and providing support we see you and we appreciate everything that you do!

To our Marketing and Photography Volunteers thank you for lending your creative spirit to our organization!  From helping with social media, taking beautiful photos of our animals, or designing program and marketing materials for us, we are so thankful that you have offered to lend your time and talents.  You answer our call outs for help and are always keen to jump in - we are so thankful!

Finally, to our Board of Directors, thank you for your dedication to our Society! You do such important work in helping us be the Society that we are. Thank you for always being there to help and for your continued support of our many events, fundraisers, community programs and most importantly our Centres. We are a greater place because of your hard work! Thank you!

To all volunteers on behalf of all staff we are forever grateful for the work that each of you do. We are one team, one family, focused on providing the best care for the animals in our communities! Our Centres could not do what we do without each and every one of you and I thank you for choosing to be part of our family. We are so lucky to work with each of you.

I look forward to seeing everyone back in the Centres in the future but until then stay safe, stay healthy and take care.

Talk soon,



Stacy McLellan

Volunteer Coordinator