Happy Tails: Rescue to the Rescue!

"I wanted to share with you a true story of this little angel we adopted 6 years ago. 

I am sorry I do not remember what her Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society name was, however we re-named her Rhia, we already had another dog that we had adopted from the Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society a few years earlier. The two dogs got along so well so we were allowed to adopt Rhia:)

We also had two adopted cats at home, that turned out to be a problem. Rhia did not like the cats at all. We could not trust her around them. Rhia had been so badly abused before she came to the Humane Society, we could not give up on her. 

My husband and I worked opposite shifts thank goodness so we took turns keeping her on a leash at home. We had a long leash attached to us and she just stayed with us while around the cats. This went on for about 6 weeks, hoping she would eventually accept the cats as family.

My brother in law and his daughter came to visit and fell in love with Rhia. We hated to see her go but knew she would have endless love in her new home.


One night, a week after moving to her new home, a family member was returning home late at night and did not want to wake anyone. He entered the house in the dark and fell head first down the stairs onto a cement landing. Everyone in the house was asleep so there he lay unconscious and badly injured. Rhia started barking and would not stop until someone woke up and called 911. He was airlifted to Hamilton and spent 6 months in the hospital.

Had it not been for Rhia he would not have made it. It's funny how things work out in life  and the perfect timing of Rhia being in that house, just at the right time. Rescue to the Rescue. :)

Despite her life being so bad before she was found she continues to give unconditional love as all dogs do. We thank you, Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society for all you do!"


- Karen Teeter