May 19th
Saying Goodbye to Charlene

41 years ago, Charlene Fitzpatrick had just graduated school when she came across a job opportunity at the humane society in animal care. She worked as one of three people in animal care for 10 years, caring for the animals, cleaning the centre and helping the veterinarians. In 1990, she made the switch from animal care to reception and has been there ever since. In her role at reception, she provides customer service, answers the phones, and helps with bylaws and licensing.

Picture of Charlene

Charlene is pictured here in 1990.

With Charlene working at our humane society since 1980, she has seen many changes, improvements and transformations. In her first year at the centre, our humane society moved to its current location and in addition to seeing the humane society grow in employees and departments over the years, she also saw the onsite vet clinic open.

“That was the best thing that has ever happened for the animals,” she said.

While the most challenging parts about her job have been animal surrenders and pet death, she’s glad that she was there and able to help people during difficult times.

“The most rewarding parts about my job are helping people, and seeing pets being adopted out to wonderful families and knowing that they’ll be safe and happy,” she said.

While she’ll miss her team members, she’s looking forward to retiring and taking it easy. Although she jokes that she’s not quite sure what she’s supposed to do with all her spare time, she’s excited to spend more time with her husband and three cats adopted from the humane society, Wally, Nikki and Vincee. When COVID-19 travel restrictions lift, she’s hoping to travel and go to the Dominican Republic.

Charlene's cats

Charlene's cats are pictured here.

When asked if she has any advice for new employees at the humane society, she said, “respect your teammates, and have a joy and love for animals.”

Thank you for 41 years of service, Char! All the best in this next chapter of life!