August 20th
Stacy’s Foster Story

When you work in a place with animals, it’s hard to leave your work at work. Many of our staff take their work home with them – literally – by fostering animals to get them ready for adoption.

Meet our very own RVT Stacy Murphy who is also a foster volunteer. Since 2016, she’s been fostering kittens, cats, small dogs, and small animals like hedgehogs, rabbits and rats.

Stacy began fostering because she wanted to help animals. She primarily fosters animals with medical needs and kittens that need to grow.

As an RVT, this provides me with great satisfaction to help a sick or injured animal recuperate on its journey to adoption. It’s incredibly rewarding,” she said.

As a foster caregiver, Stacy provides her foster animals with food, water and a warm place to rest. She gives them plenty of time to play, socialize and experience joy. She also monitors the animals for signs of illness and works closely with the veterinary team.

Stacy’s favourite part about fostering with the humane society is helping an animal get healthy before finding their forever home.

People always say ‘I could never do what you do because it would be too hard to give them up,’ but for me, I know that our adoption team is going to find them an amazing home and I’m so happy that I get to be a small part of their journey.”

To help her remember all the animals that she’s fostered over the years, Stacy has a board with pictures of all her foster animals on it.

“I keep it at work so that I can see their beautiful faces every day and know that I’ve made a difference.”

Chloe, Pearl, David and Alexis are just a few of the animals that Stacy has fostered. Chloe (pictured above) was a little poodle mix that came to the shelter as a stray. Chloe had a damaged eye that needed to be removed.

“She is one of those dogs that encourages people to adopt senior dogs. At 12 years old, she still had so much life left in her and so much love to give. She was adopted by her finder and I couldn’t be happier for her! She is one I think about often.”

Pearl (pictured above) was a little maltese with severe dental disease. She also needed an emergency spay because of an infected uterus.

“The community really rallied behind Pearl and helped us raise money for her care. She was adopted out by a wonderful young lady who adores her and even has her own Instagram page! I love seeing her updates!”

David and Alexis (pictured above) were two little tabbies who came to the centre orphaned and very underweight.

“I started fostering them when they were 300 grams and got to watch them grow and play for many weeks. They were like two peas in a pod so I was very excited when they got adopted together!”

Even though Stacy is a trained RVT, she has learned so much since becoming a foster volunteer.

“I have learned an incredible amount of information about neonate kittens, rabbit behaviour and rat enrichment. These are experiences I wouldn’t have had without fostering.”

When asked what advice she would give to someone who is considering fostering, Stacy says it’s important to ask questions.

Find someone you know who has fostered and get to know what they love about it and what they have learned. Our foster coordinators are great at matching you with what you think you can handle. You don’t have to take everything on at once. If you do decide to foster, ask questions of the foster coordinators or the RVTs when you need help. They have a ton of experience and are a wealth of information.”

You don’t have to be an experienced animal caregiver to become a foster volunteer – you just have to love animals! Foster caregivers receive training, support from their Foster Coordinator and supplies for their foster animal. By fostering, you will alleviate an animal’s stress, allow the humane society to help more animals and prepare the animal for their forever home. Watch this video and visit our website to learn more about our foster program.