October 29th
Giving 15 Rats a Second Chance at Life

When many people think about the humane society, they often think about dogs and cats. Did you know that we care for small animals like rabbits, mice and rats too?

Earlier this week, 15 rats were surrendered into our care. Sadly, these animals arrived at our centre in poor condition. They were very dirty; some had fleas and one rat had lumps all over its body. Their cages were overcrowded and in poor condition as well.

Veterinary Care for the Rats

Fortunately, with the care and medical attention from our veterinary team and animal care team, 12 of the rats are cleaned up and are now in better health. They are available for adoption and can be viewed on our website. Three of them are still being monitored for more serious health concerns, including the rat that arrived with multiple masses on its body. We will provide an update for the community when they become available for adoption.

How You Can Help

With 15 rats in our care, we are in urgent need of rat food, small pet clean and cozy bedding and enrichment items like hammocks, ramps and ladders. Our most-needed items can be found on our Amazon wish list. We would also appreciate donations toward their medical costs. Donations can be made online through our website and will help pay for testing, medications and treatment.

A rabbit and a mouse were also surrendered into our care this week. If you’d like to make a donation towards their care, you can do that as well through our website.

Like all the dogs and cats we help, these rats deserve a second chance at life too. Thank you for your support.