March 3rd
St. Paw-Tricks Day Virtual Beer Tasting Fundraiser Is Back

Interested in some St. Patricks Day fun at home? If so, grab some delicious beers while supporting a good cause! The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth (HSKWSP) is hosting its second St. Paw-Tricks Day virtual beer tasting fundraiser on March 12.

Four local breweries – Waterloo Brewing, Jobsite Brewing, Heritage Hops and Stockyards Beverage – have come together to raise a pint in support of the animals. If that isn’t reason enough to join us, here’s another one – one of the breweries is bringing back a fan favourite that’s available for a limited time!

“This is the second annual St. Paw-tricks Day event, and we are thrilled to partner with four amazing local breweries,” stated Nick Burke, Director of Development. “It’s a fun way to try some local beers and snacks, without the drive! We hope our communities will join us for a fun evening again this year.”

Craft beer shouldn’t just be about beer, taprooms, or good food! As part of this event, we will have local brewers walk you through the experience of crafting the beers you’re enjoying. From ingredients to tasting notes, you will learn about the art of creating your beer from scratch while having the opportunity to chat with the brewery staff themselves!

Tickets for the event can be purchased on our website for $55 each. Each ticket holder will receive six 12oz. beer cans, one 50g bag of green popcorn provided by Little Prince Cinema and beer nuts! The virtual event will be hosted via Zoom at 7 pm on Saturday, and we will share the invite once you have registered. Remember, quantities are limited, so get your tickets while you still can!

Want to learn more about the four breweries and their beers? Keep reading! 

waterloo brewing

When they brewed their first small batch back in 1984, Waterloo Brewing had a simple goal – to brew the kind of beer they would be proud to serve their friends and the type they would choose for themselves. Waterloo Brewing has had great support from their local community, allowing them to grow. Now, 37 years later, they are still committed to their roots, making craft beers and amazing radlers. And they are doing so sustainably – through improved material utilization, lower energy consumption, and reduced waste and wastewater discharges.

Waterloo Craft Lager
ALC./VOL.: 4.8%

This easy-drinking golden lager is handcrafted with ingredients carefully selected for their quality. The result is a refreshing golden lager with a distinct malty flavour that balances bitter and sweet.

Waterloo Tart Cherry
ALC./VOL.: 2.5%

If radlers are your jam, today’s your lucky day! This thirst-quenching blend with real cherry juice is wild. It’s a perfect balance of sweet and tart, with a light and refreshing taste. Pucker up, Buttercup!

jobsite brewing

With the rich history of construction in the building, Jobsite brewery is excited to construct a beer for every beer drinker! Their mission is to ensure their customers have every opportunity to learn, interact and enjoy their beer with the people who have created it. Jobsite Brewery believes that craft beer can foster great community spirit and bring people together to support Stratford and its locals.

2x4 Cream Ale 
IBU: 14.8  |  ABV: 4.8%

A traditional style American Cream Ale that uses corn to add a subtle sweetness and reduce the overall grainy flavour of the ale. This is a crisp, dry beer with a faint yeast profile, and it’s fairly clear and well carbonated.

Steam Hammer Black Forest Sour
ALC./VOL: 5.5%

A seasonal twist to the kettle sour ale. This version has an addition of cherries and chocolate, and the recipe is adjusted to add some chocolate flavours from the grain. This chocolate cherry dark tart ale starts with a subtle chocolate and dark cherry aroma moving to a mild pastry taste on the back end. It should remind you of a Black Forest Cake! 

heritage hops

Quality always! Heritage Hops strives to make sure every pint served, and every beer canned meets the highest standards in ingredients, taste and quality. A balanced approach to brewing between creativity, tradition, and flavour, the objective is to create a beer that is enjoyed by all beer lovers.

21 HAZE East Coast IPA
IBU: 60  |  ABV: 6.2%

21 Haze East Coast IPA is one of the four leading brands at Heritage Hops. An intense stone fruit aroma with vibrant citrus and tropical flavours. This hop forward IPA takes 21 days from grain to glass, and the name represents the 21-day manufacturing process! It is an East Coast-style IPA with a nod to West Coast IPA bitterness. We use Citra and Azacca hops which gives it that crisp, citrusy flavour with a slight bitterness and smooth finish. 

stockyards beverage

Stockyards Beverage opened its brewery and roastery three years ago. Stockyards Brewing found inspiration in the honest, hardworking people who made their home in Belmont Village what it is today. Stockyards Brewing believes there is a true reward in a well-earned drink after a hard day’s work.

St Jacobs Country Lager
IBU: 15  |  ABV: 4.8%  

This beer is a take on the traditional German Landbier. St Jacobs Country Lager is a cold fermented house lager that’s brewed with local Ontario-grown hops. Tried, tested, and true to Bavarian tradition, this smooth and full-bodied lager goes down easy every time.

So fill your glass, sit back, and enjoy a fun evening, all while supporting the animals! Purchase your tickets now by visiting our event page.