April 14th
Celebrating our Animal Services Officers

Working as an Animal Services Officer can be both challenging and rewarding. But Brittany Hennessey, an Animal Services Officer with The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth, says she is prepared for whatever it takes to be the voice of the animals.

Brittany has been with the Humane Society for over three years. She recently adopted her puppy, a 5-month-old Australian Shepherd, from the Humane Society and says that her dog is a complete joy! “My puppy brings me so much happiness, and I am glad I adopted her.”

Being an Animal Services Officer wasn’t what Brittany thought she would be doing when she was in school. “I always knew I wanted to help people and animals and give back to the community. However, I never knew this position existed,” she said. Brittany was in college pursuing police foundations, and it was a guest lecture that changed her life. “One day, we had a guest speaker come to our college. He worked as an animal services officer at the time. His presentation intrigued me, and I knew right after that that was what I wanted to do all my life! I have always had a passion for animals and their welfare, and being able to help animals every day is more than a job to me.”

Brittany went on to complete her degree in police foundations. During her school years, she started training dogs, specifically service dogs, to gain experience working with animals. Brittany wanted to gain as much experience as possible to get her dream job. She decided to find work with a vet clinic. “I got a job at a vet clinic and worked there for about 1.5 years. It was a stepping stone to success. I needed the experience of working closely with animals to become an animal services officer,” she added.

With her experience of closely working with animals, it wasn’t long before she became a part of the Humane Society!

A typical day of work for Brittany involves interacting with the members of the public and answering any questions and queries they may have regarding their pets or other wildlife in the area.

When asked what her favourite part of her job is, Brittany’s face lights up! “My favourite part of the job is to be the voice for the animals. As much as this job can be emotionally draining, it is also extremely rewarding every time we bring in a stray, and it goes home or finds a new forever family. I feel relieved any time that I am able to transfer injured and sick wildlife to our rehabilitators for treatment. And there is no happiness compared to the joy of releasing wild or domestic animals from situations they wouldn’t have been able to get themselves out of on their own.”

Today, while celebrating the National Animal Services Officer Appreciation Week, the Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth wants to thank our officers who are dedicated to helping animals and people every day. We admire your courage and strength!