November 25th
Cocoa Has Settled In With Her New Fam!

Hello there!

Do you remember Cocoa? Cocoa, the guinea pig, was recently adopted from the Humane Society. Here’s an update from her parents on how she is enjoying her best life with her new family and home!

We, the humans in the house, absolutely adore Cocoa and are so thrilled with her tiny piggy grunts and her little musical squeaks. She is such a peppy little piggy and loves chewing on anything she can (hence we have gotten many safe chew toys and changed from plastic to cloth hides). She has also learned quickly and is the first to lead the muddle in wheeking for vegetables anytime a human passes by.

At first, Cocoa seemed unsure of what to do with her four big sisters, and they weren’t sure what to make of her. Cocoa got lots of sniffs and kisses, and there was a lot of awkward cuddling. Then came some curious nose pokes and a whole lot of dashing (with more cuddling in between)!

Since those first two days, the five guinea pigs have sorted out their socializing. Sometimes Cocoa dashes around playfully while the big girls lounge in their enclosure. She may sniff around with Truffle, adventure with Alouette or pause for a cuddle with Sprout. They all seem very happy, as if they were never apart.