March 10th
Daisy with her 3 little newborns!

The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth (HSKWSP) has launched an urgent appeal campaign to raise funds for a dog and her three puppies that came into their care on March 7.

The dog, named Daisy, arrived at the centre in active labour on Wednesday morning. Soon after, she gave birth to two girls and a boy! Four-year-old Daisy and her puppies are all doing well and have been moved into foster care to ensure they receive the best care. 

Watch the most adorable video of Daisy with her babies here!

The HSKWSP estimates the medical and care costs could reach up to $6,500 or more by the time the mother and her three babies are ready for adoption. This includes the cost of spay and neuter surgery for all four dogs, vaccinations, parasite treatment, microchip and any other medication required and the daily cost of care.

“The money raised will help Daisy and her puppies lead a healthy, happy life,” stated Kathrin Delutis, chief executive officer, the HSKWSP. “The cost of care for four dogs can add up quickly. Being a self-funded and self-governed organization that receives no funding from the government for our charitable programs and services, we rely on our community’s generosity to provide this life-saving, around-the-clock care. We truly hope you’ll donate today.”

For updates on Daisy and her babies, check out the HSKWSP’s website, sign up for their eblasts or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Those interested in supporting Daisy and her puppies are encouraged to make a one-time donation here.