Welcome to our first blog post!

Welcome!  We're here!  It feels like a milestone to say "welcome to our first blog post".  We are THRILLED, pumped, excited, jazzed (all of the above!) to launch our blog and tell you all about KWSPHS.

Whether it be a heart tugging kitten story (stay tuned for blog post #2!), a funny dog video, a great article on pet health, or a spotlight on our volunteers, we plan on sharing it all!

In 2019 we took our two websites - kwhumane.com and sphumane.com - and launched our brand new kwsphumane.ca.  Our goal was to give adopters, volunteers, foster families, supporters and advocates ONE location where they could find our adoptable animals, program information, resources and more.  Being your humane society, we thought it was important to have a robust and informative website.  We hope you enjoy it.  And our BLOG! ;) 

So without further ado, here we go!

~ Calla