Found her forever family AND a new sister!

Quartz, now Mila, is loving her forever family!  Her mom sent us some pictures showing us how much she loves her new sister AND her cat tree in the window :)

Her mom also sent along a lovely note to let us know how they came to meet their new little girl.  Here's what she had to say:

"Our family lost our family cat, Odie (14 years old) in July.  It was a hard loss and we grieved his passing.  We missed having a furry friend, so we decided to take a drive to the Stratford Perth Humane Society during one of the cat promotions (too many kitties in the shelter) "just to look".    Well, lol,  we didn't have to look for long at cute little Mila (her name was Quartz at the shelter).  She stared right at us from her little cage our hearts melted ❤️  She was adorable.  We started the paperwork that day.     

In her new forever home, Mila has been doing AWESOME!  She is a very cuddly kitty, loves to play and wrestle with her new sister.   Her favourite perch is the cat tree near the front window, where she "guards" our home all day,  lol.  She's been known to purr at the mailman and he has fallen head over heels for her too.   She kinda has that way with people.   Mila has brought such joy to our home and heart."

A big thanks goes to Mila's family for choosing to adopt and give this girl a forever home!  We can't say thanks enough!

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