HAPPY TAIL: Finn and Luna

Another heartwarming Alumni update!  We love hearing about these two, Finn and Luna (formerly Batman and Elantra), and how well they're doing together.  Their mom sent us an update recently - here's what she had to say!

"Finn & Luna are getting along SO well. It only took them one evening to sniff each other out and accept each other. Finn loved her from the moment I brought her in the house. If anything it was Luna that took a little longer to warm up to Finn.

They were meant to be together.  Luna is the sweetest, most cuddly kitten ever.  She talks and snuggles and completed our family beautifully.  Finn continues to be spunky, curious and not afraid of anything!  He loves his evening cuddles and hanging out on the balcony.

They LOVE to play together. Sometime Finn gets too excited and he needs to be separated, but it's not long before Luna starts crying looking for him. They adore each other. And we adore them."

Check out this adorable duo and their family!