Happy Tail: Our truck riding trio!


This happy tail certainly is incredible!  This past August, three people showed up at the Stratford Perth Humane Society after finding three tiny week-and-a-half old kittens in – you’ll never guess - the back of their tractor trailer!  They had been driving for three days and when they pulled over for a stop, they found the trio stashed away in the back.


Thankfully they were ok, and immediately went into foster care.  We were so thankful to get donations of kitten milk from the public, as it ensured they got the best chance at survival.

The kittens, named sweet pea, mijo and finn, thrived in foster care with round the clock attention. They received lots of love and cuddles from their foster family.


When they were big enough to have their spay/neuter surgeries, ALL THREE were snapped up quickly by their new mom.  This lucky trio will get to live the rest of their lives together (surely entertaining their new mom!).


 A big thanks goes out to everyone who helped these three kittens get a second chance: to the family who fostered and cared for them, to those who donated kitten milk, and of course, to their new mom for giving them a loving forever home!  

We couldn’t have asked for a happier ending!  To read more about how they’re doing at home, check out this update we received from their forever family:

“It's about been 4 weeks since these bright lights have been home. It has been so much fun and are soooooo entertaining. They have found things to play with that I didn’t know I had.  They have grown so much - they are double in size.  I have attached some pics, will continue to keep you updated. Thanks for all of the nurturing that you provided in their early young life. They continue to be very social and I am sure that is from their constant attention and care you provided”

Such an amazing story!