From abandoned to adored: Libby is ready to find her family

Seven year old Libby was found abandoned in early October in horrific condition and a lot of pain.  Despite her discomfort she was so loving and won the hearts of many at the shelter, including one of our staff who took her in as a foster.

Her story is best told by her foster mom, so grab that kleenex people!  

"Hi all! 

I've loved fostering Libby and I'm so happy to see her feeling better and ready to find her forever family!  I also love telling her story, so here goes :)

Libby came into the Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society on October 1, 2019.  She had been abandoned by her previous owner and was in terrible condition. She had red, raw skin and was covered in scratches and scabs. She was missing copious amounts of fur and she frequently scratched and bit at herself.  Her eyes were watery, and you could tell she was in so much pain.  Her legs and ankles were so raw from her biting that she refused to sit down. Of course, she also had her hanging lip. We are not sure what has caused it, but her jaw and teeth are completely fine!   

When I first laid my eyes on her I knew I had to help this poor soul heal!  On October 5th, she went home with me into foster care.  We started her on a plan of steroids and hypoallergenic food.  Slowly she began to heal and come out of her shell.  However, I would notice new situations and bringing her into the shelter for vet checks made her skin condition worsen.  We started her on a new medication and after this she truly changed for the better!   

As time passed her fur grew, her whiskers grew, she stopped scratching herself, her wounds healed, and she made herself quite at home. She made a great study-buddy, never leaving my side when in the office.  She would even go so far as to keep one paw on my hand while I wrote my study notes.  One thing I must say is even after some healing, she never quite got along with my other cats, preferring to be alone.  Or rather, preferring that all attention be given to her!

While fostering Libby I’ve learned many things about her personality.  She loves plush blankets. Despite being declawed she jumps to new heights and new places flawlessly.  She’s an incredibly messy—but cute eater.  She loves to groom ANYTHING, the floor, blankets, people, toys, you name it.  She may not seem like it but she loves to play, with her favourite toy being a green and yellow ball which now contains many tooth imprints.  She has an odd way of snuggling, but loves hugs and will drool on you when purring. Libby is a wonderfully quirky, affectionate, and amazing feline. It has been an absolute joy to foster her, and I am very excited for her to finally find her forever home! ~ Tara"

We are utterly in love with this girl and her story, and we know that she will make a fantastic addition to a home.  

Libby is now up for adoption at our Kitchener Waterloo animal centre, and we hope to find her forever family soon!  As her foster mom mentioned, she prefers to be the only fur-child.  She will require ongoing medication and her veterinary prescribed diet (Royal Canin Anallergenic food) for the rest of her life to ensure that she remains comfortable, so her family should have both the time and financial ability to support her needs.  Her forever family should have a good relationship with their vet, and they would need to book an appointment with them soon after adopting to discuss Libby's ongoing care.  Our adoption and medical team is happy to speak with anybody interested in adopting Libby and answer any questions they might have.  

If you or somebody you know is looking for a girl like Libby, please share with them today. Let's find her a home!