Milo's journey to recovery: he's ready for a forever home!

Milo is FINALLY ready to find his forever home!  Remember Milo's story?  Well don't delay - read it here!

After months of medical attention and loving care, Milo the dog is ready to find his perfect forever family.  Found as a stray earlier this year near Bluevale Collegiate in Waterloo, ten year old Milo was taken to the Humane Society’s Kitchener Waterloo animal centre.  He was found suffering from a terrible skin infection and loss of fur on most of his body, infections in both ears, and a condition called “dry-eye”. 

“As soon as we saw Milo we knew he needed immediate medical attention – his appearance was shocking,” stated Kathrin Delutis, executive director, The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth (KWSPHS).  “We are extremely grateful that we could provide Milo with the care he so desperately needed.”


Milo was looked after by a foster family and under veterinary care for over three months, receiving weekly check-ups to monitor his progress. Due to his skin disease being left untreated for so long, he will likely never have a full coat.  He has allergies and “dry-eye”, requiring medication and a hypoallergenic veterinary prescribed diet for the rest of his life.  The humane society is now looking for a unique home that can continue his care, which will come with a significant time and financial commitment. 

His foster mom wrote a letter for us to share:

"Dear Santa,

My name is Milo. I am a mixed breed of 10 years. I was found wandering the streets and brought to the shelter.  From there, I went into a foster home where I have been recuperating and hanging out with the resident dogs and cats. 

They say I am a pretty easy dog - I love routine. I like my meals on time twice a day (I will let you know by whining if you are late). Don’t let my age fool you - I am spunky.  I enjoy a good walk or run outdoors, but I have to say I prefer the warmer weather so I really don’t want to move to the North Pole.

When you visit this year, could you please consider filling my stocking with hypoallergenic food and some strong toys.  You see I love to eat and I love to chew toys.  The canine that I live with now and I have contests to see who can chew apart the stuffed toys first, so it’s best if you bring me tougher ones.

The shelter says that I am ready now to find a permanent place to call home so was wondering if you could help me out.  When you are out flying around and checking those lists, could you scope out the best fit for me?  I would really like a home where I can cuddle (a lot) and where I can sleep next to my humans.  I like to feel safe and right now I only feel safe with adult females.  For some reason I get anxious around males and small children. Thanks for your help Santa - I will make sure my foster mom leaves out a big bowl of water and some fresh carrots for the reindeer. ~ Love Milo"

If you're looking for a special dog like Milo, and have the time and financial means to support his care for the rest of life, please stop by to meet him or call 519-745-5615.  Our adoption team would be happy to speak with you!