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Thank you to everyone who donated, you helped us reach our goal of $100,000! With your generous donations we now are able to improve both our centres and provide the best services for the animals in our care.

 A Special Thank You To:

McDonalds (Stratford & New Hamburg locations)

Calico Medical

Woodcock Brothers

Royal Canin

Private Donors

We wouldn't have hit our goal without your incredible donation!

Animal Welfare – Our Top Priority

As leaders in Animal Welfare in our communities, we focus on responsible treatment of animals through education, compliance, advocacy and care. We rescue and shelter vulnerable animals, from hamsters to horses. Our full-time veterinary team treats the injured and sick, and provides free or low-cost essential care both in the Centre and to the public.

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Stray, lost and abandoned - these are the vulnerable animals in our community that find shelter in our Centres. As our Centres grow, so does the number of animals we are able to rescue.


We have an onsite hospital in our Kitchener Centre and a satellite clinic in Stratford, with three veterinarians on staff between the two locations. This allows us to provide animals in our Centres with quick, onsite medical care, including emergency surgeries.


The animals that remain in our shelters receive regular enrichment to reduce their stress and to increase their physical and mental health.


Once our animals have been cleared for adoption, they don't usually have to wait very long to find a forever home. They are quickly adopted by the families in our local communities.

New X-ray Machine with Dental Capabilities

Our current x-ray machine was built in 1993 and was refurbished for our hospital in 2014. The table we use for x-rays is from 1979! Both are coming to the end of their lifecycle and urgently need to be replaced. Our goal is that the new x-ray machine is also equipped with dental x-ray capabilities.

It is considered the gold standard of veterinary dentistry to have radiographs done for any patient receiving a dental procedure. This is to evaluate for dental disease below the gumline that are not visible to the naked eye.

Cautery unit

During surgery, it is crucial that our Veterinarians are able to clearly see our animal patients and part of that is controlling blood flow.

Currently, we do this manually, by tying off both large and small vessels during surgery with sutures.  In a large animal with many small bleeding vessels, this part of the procedure is time consuming and more likely to lead to post-surgical complications.

Learn more about why obtaining a new X-Ray Machine and Cautery Unit is important for your local Humane Society by reading some case studies on Humane Society alumni: Pearl, Sullivan and Rebel below.

Visual Exam
Pearl’s dental decay was identified through a visual exam. Her dental issues were so severe that a dental x-ray WOULD have been beneficial to determine the condition of the bones in her jaw during surgery.

Physical Exam
After the dental work, another issue arose for Pearl. Her infected uterus was identified through a physical exam and this led to her second surgery.


X-Ray Exam
Sullivan came to us unable to use both of his back legs. Through examination, our expert medical team identified significant injuries. X-rays were taken of both legs and his pelvis. The x-rays showed that he had a broken left femur and a broken/dislocated right hip.

Sullivan has recently gone through surgery to amputate his left leg, and will be having a second surgery to repair his right hip.

X-Ray Exam
Rebel was surrendered to us when his owners couldn’t afford medical care. He couldn’t walk on his right front leg. X-rays showed that there was a break. We attempted to let the fracture heal using a splint, however, Rebel kept breaking his splints and re-injuring his leg and causing additional damage each time!

In the end we had to amputate his right front leg. This procedure can cause a lot of bleeding. A cautery unit would’ve been helpful to reduce surgical time and blood loss.

Improvements to Outdoor Spaces
$51,500 ($16,500 Kitchener + $35,000 Stratford)

A shelter environment can be overwhelming for some animals. Multiple animals housed in the same facility and new animals added daily can contribute to an animal’s stress, compounded by their own trauma of being previously lost, abandoned or mistreated. That is why our foster and enrichment programs are an essential part of our care and rehabilitation process.

Our 95+ foster families house our animals in their loving homes, while the animals are undergoing medical treatments or waiting to be adopted. Meanwhile, the animals that remain in our shelters receive regular enrichment to reduce their stress and to increase their physical and mental stimulation. In 2019 our volunteers spent a total of 669 hours walking dogs in Stratford alone.

As we continue to make improvements to the animal enrichment facilities in our shelters, we need your help!


Our Stratford Centre is in need of a Dog Park. An area that makes it safe for both the animals and our volunteers when dogs in our care are taking part in enrichment time.  Right now, our volunteers walk dogs up and down a busy industrial road that creates concerning safety issues. To complete this project we need to install artificial turf that will help keep the park a clean and safe environment for the animals, purchase enrichment equipment and build structures that add shade in the park. 


At the same time, we will make similar improvements to our dog area at our Kitchener Centre. On top of the incredible space we have in Kitchener, we have a smaller area that we use for stray animals and animals that need some extra attention. This area also needs turf and shade structures to create a safe and fun environment for our animals.

The Dog Parks will help us continue providing enrichment programs that will help the dogs thrive with their future forever homes, while ensuring the safety of the animals and  our volunteers and staff.


Thank you again for everyone who donated! We reach our goal of $100,000!

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Even though we hit our goal, you can continue to support the KWSP Humane Society. Your donations will allow us to continue improving the lives of vulnerable pets in our community.

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