Our partners at McDonald's in Stratford and New Hamburg are matching up to $10,000 in donations to our Centre Advancement Campaign. Thank you McDonald's for helping us get that much closer to our final goal. This is your time to make your donation count and to double it for animals in need! 

 As the number of animals we rescue continues to grow, so does our need for new medical equipment and facility improvements.

Over the next few months, your Humane Society aims to raise $100,000 through philanthropic partnerships. This will support our veterinary hospital and the outdoor facilities in our Kitchener and Stratford Centres.

To read more about our Centre Advancement Campaign, click here.

  • New X-Ray Machine with Dental Imaging ($43,000 of our goal):

    • In 2019, we performed 120 dental procedures, none of which were accompanied by radiographs. At $200 each, it would cost us $24,000 to have these x-rays done at another clinic, which is more than half the cost of a new machine!
  • Dog Park Improvements and Maintenance ($51,500 of our goal):

    • In 2019 our volunteers  spent a total of 669 hours walking dogs in Stratford alone. As we continue to add and make improvements to the enrichment facilities for animals in our shelters we need your help to raise the needed funds.
  • Cautery Unit ($5,500 of our goal):

    • Having our own cautery unit would allow us to quickly and confidently close small to medium sized bleeding vessels during surgery, reduce the amount of time an animal spends in surgery, and allow for a quicker recovery.