Field Trips

Are you looking for an exciting learning experience for your class field trip this school year?

The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth is excited to offer our educational school field trips.


If you would like us to visit your classroom via Zoom or Google Meets, please reach out to



Field trips are scheduled for both our Kitchener Waterloo Animal Centre and Stratford Perth Animal Centre. Our tours take place after 11:00am only and are 45 minutes or 90 minutes in length.

Your class will receive a guided tour around the building of your choice. Students will learn about several aspects of the centre with hands-on interaction with pets along the way*. After the tour, students can take part in another educational game, allowing individuals to explore the centre and learn new things that may not have been shared throughout the tour. After this, an interactive lesson is taught in our education room.

Lesson topics include:

  • Animal communication (recommended for primary grades). This lesson discusses the various ways animals “talk” to each other and to us, through sounds and body language, etc. Children will develop an understanding of how to “read” animals.
  • Animal needs (recommended for primary grades). This topic focuses on the three major components that contribute to being a responsible pet owner and to ensure our pets live happy and healthy lives. Children will learn how to provide for and protect their pets and prevent problems.
  • Choosing the right pet (recommended for primary and junior grades). This topic focuses on the six major components that need to be considered prior to pet adoption. Children will learn the importance of research when deciding on the right pet for them. Time, type, behavior, family, cost and space are discussed.
  • Animal careers (recommended for junior and intermediate grades). Children will learn about what it means to work with animals and for (on behalf of) animals in a presentation about several animal-related careers.

Our field trips are open to students in Grade 1 and up.

*Animal interaction is dependent on the animals in the centre at that time. It is not guaranteed that an animal will be suitable for the group for an interaction.