Humane education curriculum 2019-2020

Grade Topic
JK / SK Let's be Safe
Students learn about the importance of understanding animal behaviour and steps they can take to keep themselves safe. Hands-on practice of the ‘Be a Tree’ and ‘Be a Rock’ safety positions give the children tools to protect themselves around stray animals. Children practice the safe approach to meeting a new dog. An activity sheet is provided. 
Grade One Pets Can Talk
Pets communicate with us using their bodies. The children will review animal body language so they can make good, safe choices around their pets. They will also determine a set of rules to follow whenever they interact with pets. Children practice the safe approach to meeting a new dog with the Education Dog. An activity sheet is provided. 
Grade Two The Perfect Pet Partner
To be the perfect pet partner, we must provide: food, water, shelter, grooming, medical care, and love. By following the 3 P’s (Provide, Protect and Prevent) we can make sure that we are perfect pet partners. We must care for our pet even when we don’t feel like it. Safe and Unsafe items for pets is also reviewed. An activity sheet is provided. 
Grade Three Our Wild Neighbours
Students identify some wildlife they may see in the city. Discussions about how we can help wildlife. Wildlife should stay in the wild. An activity sheet is provided. 
Grade Four The Choices We Make
Students talk about the importance of being a responsible pet owner. They will also define humane and inhumane and analyze a story and a variety of scenarios to determine the humane choices they might make around animals in our community. 
Grade Five Making the Perfect 
Choosing a pet is a huge decision! The first step anyone should take before getting a pet is to carefully research the needs of the pet and the needs of the family choosing the pet. A story and scenarios challenge the students to think about what types of pets might make good pets for certain people. The children learn the factors one must consider when choosing a pet: type of animal and breed, time, family, cost, behaviour and space. 
Grade Six Pet Explosion
Students learn about spaying and neutering as an attempt to reduce pet over-population and related behaviour issues. They learn why spaying and neutering is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. 
Grade Seven Dog's Best Friend
There are a lot of jobs that involve working with animals. Students will learn how to get started working with animals. Discussions will relate to how humans directly and indirectly work with animals. 
Grade Eight The Journey to Adoption
Students learn about the steps that are taken during the intake process to ensure that every pet that comes into our centre is properly taken care before they are ready to find their forever loving home. Topics include: behaviour assessment, TLC program, veterinary care and our volunteer opportunities that play key a role to helping every animal find a new beginning! Dog safety is also reviewed.