March 10 - May 13Death Cafe for Pet Lovers

In partnership with the Home Hospice Association, join us for a supportive and open conversation about the passing of our beloved pets. 

This program expands on the international social movement of Death Cafes.  Originated in the UK in 2010, the goal of a Death Café is to encourage conversation about the one reality we all share but a topic few wish to talk about.

a Death Cafe for Pet Lovers brings together (virtually during this time of COVID) the pet lover population so that the topic of pet death, and its validity can be discussed, acknowledged, and normalized through encouraging open discourse and examination. 

For many people, pets are considered as an integral part of their family, and their relationship with their pet is different than with their human family.  As pets are a big part of their daily life and routine, providing both physical and emotional interactions, some people may feel closer to their pets than to human members of their family.  However, people often feel hesitant or embarrassed to discuss their feelings about their pet’s illness or death with others who may not recognize or acknowledge the depth of the human-pet bond. 

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