Thank you to everyone that joined us for 'Fur'tual Wellness Week!


COVID-19 has opened our eyes to new and unique ways to host our events for the remainder of 2020. With that in mind, we have been pivoting our events into virtual events that ensure we all stay safe while still including our traditional yearly fundraisers that support our animals. We are thrilled to announce: 'Fur'tual Wellness Week!

There are two ways to participate in 'Fur'tual Wellness Week, you can either register for our annual walk-a-thons in support of KWHS or SPHS and raise funds for our animals through Canada Helps or you can purchase a ticket to access our webinars through our website!

friday sponsor:

McDonald's Locations in
Stratford & New Hamburg

Saturday sponsor:

Allstate Insurance
Waterloo & Stratford Locations

Sunday sponsor:

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control

'fur'tual wellness week

We wanted to find a way to continue with our KWHS walk-a-thon known as Dash & Splash and our SPHS walk-a-thon known as Paws in the Park within the safety guidelines and precautions outlined by the government.
With that being said, Dash & Splash and Paws in the Park have now joined paws - creating 'Fur'tual Wellness Week!
This event will contain a series of webinars that showcase our business partners within Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth, and they will get to show us what they know best!

Check out the full schedule here!

*Timing is subject to change.


There are so many prizes to win through participating in 'Fur'tual Wellness Week!

If you choose to fundraise, you could win:

  • A raffle ticket for a chance to win a Pet Portrait done by Alicia Unrau! You can gain a raffle ticket by raising $50.00 or more through Canada Helps.
  • A raffle ticket for a chance to win a Bose SoundLink Micro Rugged Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker! You can gain a raffle ticket by raising $100.00 or more through Canada Helps.
  • A Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smartwatch with Heart Rate Tracking! You can win this item by being the top fundraiser on Canada Helps.

If you choose to buy a ticket for the Webinars ONLY, you could win:

  • A raffle ticket for a chance to win a Google Nest Hub with Google Assistant! You can gain a raffle ticket by paying the $30.00 'Fur'tual Wellness Webinar ticket.


Have a question? Check out our FAQ page or shoot us an email!

Supporting the Stratford Perth Humane Society? Contact our SPHS Community Engagement Coordinator, Bryan Chatten at

Supporting the Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society? Contact our KWHS Community Engagement Coordinator, Cristina Lopes at

Presenter LineUp:

Ben Fanelli, former kitchener ranger

Listen to his story about Mental Resilience during 'Fur'tual Wellness Week!

Chef D, ChefDtv

Cook a Meal in the comfort of your own home with Chef D during 'Fur'tual Wellness Week!

Heidi Pola, Registered Dietitian

Check out these Healthy Snacking Tips during 'Fur'tual Wellness Week!

tracy Valko, the valko team

Learn about Financial Wellness during 'Fur'tual Wellness Week!

Samantha Dejong, puppy power

Learn about Dog Socialization & Training during 'Fur'tual Wellness Week!

Ashley Keefe, Modo Yoga

Participate in her Yoga Class during 'Fur'tual Wellness Week!

CHRISTIAN BECKNER, genuine fitness

Participate in his at home Fitness Routine during 'Fur'tual Wellness Week!


Learn about Pet Enrichment and Obesity during 'Fur'tual Wellness Week!

Kru rick, darkside muay thai

Learn and participate in Muay Thai Training during 'Fur'tual Wellness Week!