Campaign and Contest

Hot Cars Kill Pets Infographic


We are partnering with the local arts community to raise awareness about the dangers of leaving pets in hot vehicles.

Similar to a glass mason jar being left out in the sun, the temperature inside a car can be as much as 20° hotter than it is outside. Artists of all ages and skill levels are invited to submit mason jars painted with their interpretation of #HotCarsKillPets for a chance to win a prize pack to keep your pet cool. Prize pack includes a travel water bottle, frozen dog-safe treats and other items to help your pet cool off. Please send photos of the painted jars by using the form below, along with your name, age (optional) and a brief description of your work. Your submissions will be featured on this gallery page and on our social media. Contest ends on August 31, 2021. Prize winners will be contacted privately following the contest end date.

Please do not send in the actual jars. They are yours to keep.


sample submissions we received last year:

Art by Raven

ART BY melissa

ART BY Cynthia

submit your artwork!