Adoption Fees

The following rates apply to animals adopted from the KWSPHS although we have numerous promotions throughout the year to assist with special cases or large inventories.



*Please note that our Transfer Dogs have a slightly increased adoption fee. 

Those deemed Transfer Dogs have been a part of our life-saving transfer program. As a result, they have a slightly increased adoption fee to allow us to continue our transfer program and help animals from areas in need of assistance.  The additional fee helps to fund things such as airfare, import fees, mileage etc – anything that would help get the dogs to our shelter, and to their forever family!  By adopting a dog from KWSPHS, you’re not only giving them a forever home, but helping us to pay-it-forward to the next one in need of assistance. 

KWSPHS’ Transfer Program

In an effort to assist other shelters and groups in maximizing our mutual life-saving capacity, KWSPHS brings in dogs from other organizations, both locally and internationally.  In many circumstances, we work alongside other shelters to provide a larger, collective assistance to those groups in need of a helping hand.  Our primary focus remains on the animals within our community, and when we have space, time and resources, we will look to provide assistance out of area. 

Animal Fee
Cats & Kittens $210+
Dogs & Puppies $300+
Small Animals (Gerbils, Hamsters, Degus) $15
Guinea Pigs $20
Larger Animals (Rabbits) $30-$50
Birds $20-$60
Mice $5


Adopt a second cat through our BOGO program (excludes kittens under four months of age). Ask an adoption staff member for details. 

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