The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth is excited to offer educational presentations for schools, organizations, groups and seniors. Our educational programming provides fun, interactive and informational presentations about animals. Our presentations are customizable and designed to fit the needs of your group. Please note that due to COVID-19, we are primarily offering virtual presentations at this time. For more information, including pricing and availability, or to book an educational presentation, please email

SCHOOL curriculum 2021

We are excited to return to in-person humane education for school boards in Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth. Our educational programs will also continue to be available virtually for all school boards. If you'd like to book a virtual presentation or an in-person visit for your school or class, please email

Grade Topic
JK / SK Let's be Safe!
Students learn about the importance of understanding animals and the steps they can take to keep themselves safe. ‘Be a Tree’ and ‘Be a Rock’ safety positions give the children tools to protect themselves around stray animals. We'll learn the do's and don'ts of meeting an animals, and we'll end with a story time!
Grade One Pets Can Talk
Pets communicate with us using their bodies. In this presentation, we will get an introduction on some of the signs our pets can give us to let us know what they are feeling. We will learn when a dog or cat is happy, when they might be scared, and when we should pet them or leave them alone.
Grade Two Being a Responsible Pet Partner
How can we be the best Pet Partner? Today we’ll go over the 3 P’s of pets; Provide, Prevent, and Protect. By learning about these three, we’ll learn how to become an animal’s best friend, and keep them safe, healthy, and happy.
Grade Three Our Wild Neighbours
Students identify some Canadian and local wildlife. They will have discussions about how they can enjoy wildlife (hint, it's with our eyes!), how and when to help wild animals, and how to become wildlife ambassadors.
Grade Four The Golden Rule
Students talk about the importance of being a responsible pet owner. They will explore the golden rule "treat others how you would like to be treated" and its connection to how we treat animals. We will discuss humane and inhumane behavior and analyze a variety of scenarios to put ourselves in the animals' shoes.
Grade Five Making an Informed Choice
Are you thinking of getting a pet, or know someone who is? Choosing a pet is a huge decision, and it’s important to know how to choose the right pet for you. In this presentation, we discuss what a variety of pets need, and how to ensure they’re the right pet for your family’s lifestyle. Time, space, cost, lifespan; we break it all down together so we can be the best animal friends possible.
Grade Six Healthy Pets
Join us as we discover how to keep our animals, and the animal in our community, safe and healthy. We’ll talk about how to tell if an animal might be sick, and we’ll discuss how we can support the animals in our community, including spays and neuters to prevent overpopulation, behaviour issues, and other diseases.
Grade Seven Working with Animals
There are many jobs and careers that involve working with animals. Discussions will relate to how humans can work both directly and indirectly with animals, and the steps they can take to reach their goals.
Grade Eight Animal Communication
They can dance, they can sing, and they can change colours. Who are we talking about? Animals, of course! And all of these things are used by different species to communicate. This presentation will get into the fascinating ways that animals and plants (that’s right!) talk to us, and to each other.
High School Topic Choice #1 - Animals in Entertainment
This presentation discusses how animals have been used for entertainment purposes in the past, and if, and how, they are used in the present time. We explore the ethical issues around animal entertainment, and offer ways to enjoy animals humanely.
Topic Choice #2 - The "Link"
In this presentation, we will discuss the serious and important topic of animal abuse, what it means, how it links to human violence, and why this link is important to recognize. We will discuss resources in our community, learn the signs of animal abuse, and how to help if we encounter a case of animal violence in our community.
Topic Choice #3 - Animal Behaviour
Did you know that 80% of animal bites come from the person’s own pet? Most often, because we don’t know how to recognize when their behaviour changes. Our pets show us what they need; we just need to learn how to understand them. We do this by reading their body language, and this presentation will go over a variety of signals and behaviours we can spot just by looking at our pets in different situations.